How far does common understanding of the meaning of words intersect with the dictionary definition? This is a discussion which, at first glance, is obscure but the consequences of misunderstanding how individuals interpret a word can be serious.

As part of its wartime rationing strategy, the British government decreed that only one type of cheese be made available for sale, a state of affairs that continued until 1954. 

When writing copy a certain amount of truthiness plus fun beats unvarnished truth every time. The non-story of NASA's efforts to develop a "space pen" is a prime example.

The assumption that, in order to make a product 'better', one has to add more features and complexity is common in the software industry. This is despite the many, many times you hear developers and marketers ridicule Microsoft's decade-long descent into bloatware production. In marketing, where the driver is to tick as many boxes as possible, this approach often makes even a straightforward product seem needlessly complex.