Recent experiences have convinced me that many people do not know how to answer a question. They know the answer but they don't know how to answer. A handy guide follows.

"Let's begin 2016...with thrilling sound of first hydrogen bomb explosion"

Wow, those North Korean's really know how to write with impact don't they? North Korea's new year's "gift" to the world in the shape of their first hydrogen bomb test and, more particularly, the unique wording of their announcement of the same got me to wondering if those of us in marketing in the decadent western world could learn a thing or two from the Glorious Juche State?

90% of the time, if someone redesigns their logo they've either run out of ideas or are trying to distract you from failure(s). But that's not why Google have done it, right?

The recently published survey of first names given to British children in 2015 shows that the usual unsurprising (and perhaps uninspiring) choices continue to dominate both the girls and boys lists. But if you dig a little further down, things start to get interesting and reveal some startlingly bad branding choices by parents.