90% of the time, if someone redesigns their logo they've either run out of ideas or are trying to distract you from failure(s). But that's not why Google have done it, right?

The recently published survey of first names given to British children in 2015 shows that the usual unsurprising (and perhaps uninspiring) choices continue to dominate both the girls and boys lists. But if you dig a little further down, things start to get interesting and reveal some startlingly bad branding choices by parents.

I've been interested in online reputation systems ever since reading Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom which featured "Whuffie", the reputation-based currency of the book's post-scarcity world. Now a new service, Karma, is positioning itself as an aggregation system for social capital.

I thought my day was complete when I received an email this morning which promised me a “positive unboxing experience”. Well, I thought, that’s the ridiculous quota for the day filled right up! Turns out I was wrong, private sector nonsense isn’t a patch on public sector nonsense.