Language Lessons from Donald Trump & Emperor Hirohito

A few weeks ago I was in Japan on holiday, a wide ranging trip that included a short half-day visit to Hiroshima and a longer two-day stay in Nagasaki. Naturally these visits sparked a conversation, within the group I was travelling with, about the manner in which the Second World War ended. I was reminded of some of the points made at that time when listening to Donald Trump’s victory speech on being declared the winner of the 2016 US presidential election.

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The Glorious Kim Jong-Un Guide to Effective Headline Writing!

"Let's begin 2016...with thrilling sound of first hydrogen bomb explosion"

Wow, those North Korean's really know how to write with impact don't they? North Korea's new year's "gift" to the world in the shape of their first hydrogen bomb test and, more particularly, the unique wording of their announcement of the same got me to wondering if those of us in marketing in the decadent western world could learn a thing or two from the Glorious Juche State?

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