Private sector vs. Public sector nonsense

I thought my day was complete when I received an email this morning from Newmatter (I’m thinking of ordering a 3D printer from them when they open up for pre-orders) which promised me they were working on a “packaging solution” to ensure I have a “positive unboxing experience”.

Well, I thought, that’s the ridiculous quota for the day filled right up! 

Turns out I was wrong, private sector nonsense isn’t a patch on public sector nonsense.

Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) is the department responsible in the UK for buying all of the equipment and services the Armed Forces get (not what they need, there's no department responsible for that). Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee has just published their latest report on DE&S which includes the priceless line:

"DE&S is planning to spend £250 million over the next three and a half years on contractors to advise on how it can reduce its over-reliance on contractors"

I've worked for my current company for 10+ years now, marketing and selling software mostly to public sector organisations like DE&S. When I do eventually leave I promise myself I will never again take a job that involves trying to sell to government departments (any departments of any government of any political hue, anywhere). It does not matter what country/government/department you end up dealing with, they are all inconceivably incompetent and unintentionally hilarious.