Credible Endorsements

Knowing when and how to feature endorsements for your product, your service or yourself is a tricky skill. I now regularly see LinkedIn profiles where the author has jokingly listed amongst their accomplishments "Joint Winner of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize" or sites where some artistic type feels bold enough to proclaim that their work has been "featured worldwide" when what they actually mean is that they have a blog and it's viewable worldwide. The potential for credibility miss-steps is immense.

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They’rrrre GR-R-REAT!

A little while ago I posted about the fake Aston Martin advert, a light-hearted way of using sex to sell. Use of those sort of images is well established in marketing and can work well, if used carefully. Last week I posted, to Facebook, a quick snapshot of the "Adult cereals" section at my local supermarket.

I had in mind some weird alternate universe where cereals for adults contained risky content (strange shapes, unusual free gifts). Very funny I thought, until two friends pointed me at the incredible (or incredibly ridiculous) Sex Cereal.


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